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how it works

01. Your PC or tablet

Create your playlists and manage your screens in the LOOK Content Manager using any web-browser on your PC or tablet.

02. Your Screens

Your playlists will automatically playback on your screens wherever they are located.

look content manager

You do not need to install any additional software on your computer. Simply log in to your personal account through a user-friendly easy web-interface.

Content playback by the trigger
Remotely screen settings management
Advanced statistics including GEO
Support of various types of content
Creating and Scheduling of playlists
Grouping of screens
Multiuser access
Content playback by the trigger
Remotely screen settings management
Advanced statistics including GEO
Support of various types of content
Creating and Scheduling of playlists
Grouping of screens
Multiuser access
To register in the LOOK digital signage service.
To add your screen.
To update the content on all of your screens at once.


You can use our digital signage software with any screens, which you already have or only are going to purchase. In order to connect your device to our service:
  • Plug in LOOK HDMI Player to any screen with HDMI input.
  • According to your requirements we can also suggest you the several lines of the professional hardware with pre-installed LOOK Player.
  • Install FREE LOOK App Player on any commercial screens, Android TVs, tablets or mini PCs on Android 4.4 or higher.
cafe tv

where: digital board menu

In a digital age it is quite wasteful not to use the new opportunities for the restaurant business. More and more owners of restaurants, cafes and bars all around the world are beginning to change traditional tools of communication with the client to the modern digital menu boards, LCD monitors and desktop mini screens, interactive digital kiosks, and others. New tools will undoubtedly be able to affect the efficiency of internal business processes and profitability increase. LOOK digital signage solutions will be an indispensable tool for a fast and high-quality deployment and simple daily management of the screens network of any scale and geographical distribution.
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where: indoor & outdoor advertising

Modern consumer is always on the go. Today it is extremely difficult for an advertiser to establish effective contact with a potential customer. In the age of digital signage technologies the efficiency of posters and billboards is rapidly declining. You must use impressive and memorable visual communication channels. LOOK digital software system with high-definition screens, capabilities of remote management and creation of interactive content, undoubtedly, can solve business tasks of an advertiser at a whole new level.
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where: public transportation

Millions of people around the world use public transportation, spending there from a few minutes to several hours. What does an average person do during a trip? As a rule, he is bored! LOOK digital signage system can provide passengers with new experience. News, advertising, entertainment content will be, certainly, useful for people who are waiting to get to their destination. At the same time, remote and easy management of this information flow offers a wide range of business and reputational opportunities.
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meeting room

where: corporate networks

The engagement of employees today is one of the main indicators of a healthy corporate environment. According to Gallup only about 30% of employees worldwide are really engaged in their job. From year to year HR departments from work hard to increase this index. Creating a positive work environment, establishing internal communications, introducing effective systems of motivation — these are just a small part of the tasks which can be solved with the modern LOOK digital signage solutions. Nowadays, an average person spends about 60 hours per week consuming digital content. To communicate the right messages at the right time on the right screens is an obvious challenge for any employer.
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food mall

where: retail

How to attract the customer’s attention to a particular product? How to help them make a decision as what to buy? How to inform them about special offers? How to timely let the staff know about innovations and the necessary actions? Answers to all of these questions are well known to retailers: sales equipment, flyers and posters, red price tags, a lot of internal regulations. But such responses, in turn, give rise to new questions: How to reduce the cost for advertising materials? How to maximally centralize processes and simplify the control? How to avoid the negative impact of the human factor in the field? Retail is the ideal environment to implement digital signage systems. The possibilities, which LOOK software brings, can dramatically improve the efficiency of internal processes, the level of influence on consumers’ behavior and, as a consequence, the final business result.
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hotel tv

where: hospitality

One of the primary tasks of any hotelier is to provide full information space for the guests. The latest news, tourist information, special offers for rooms or in restaurants, schedule of conference rooms availability, advertising, etc. All this information should be fully available for the visitors at the time and in that place where they want to and are ready to see it. LOOK digital signage software is made to maximally simplify this task. Whether it’s a digital photo frame in a room or a video wall at the reception, the simplicity and effectiveness of the daily management of these screens will surprise everyone.
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LOOK digital signage software on mac

where: other

  • Shopping malls
  • Healthcare
  • Sport arenas
  • Car dealers
  • Gyms
  • Events
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why choose us?

High reliability

The external factors influence has been excluded to the limits. Your last update will playback on the screens within an offline mode. Player will re-launch automatically as soon as the screen turns on, even after the power outage.


Most of useful actions occur within 2 or 3 clicks and the navigation is clear without tutorial. You do not need training, which usually offer other digital signage services at an additional cost.

Online support 24/7

LOOK digital signage customer support team will assist you in most of the issues in a real time 24/7 mode via special online chat inside your personal account.


Deploy your screens’ network in a short time using our affordable App or HDMI Players. You don’t need to think about your own servers or any additional costs. Just sign up to our web-based Content Manager, choose your plan and enjoy your experience.

Reasonable price

Price always matters. That is why we have developed an open and flexible pricing system, trying to take into account all the possible needs of our customers.

Simple scalability

Feel free to grow your network at any time you want. Simply upgrade your plan from your personal account in the LOOK digital signage service and you’ll be able to add the needed number of screens immediately.

0000 Screens
000 Users
00 Countries

want to compare digital signage software vendors?

In order to save your time we've done a digital signage marketing research among the services similar to ours. As a result we've prepared a special report, which can help you to compare the current capabilities and conditions of the several key players.
* All information is actual for the January 2017.
Thank You!We've sent you an email with the comparison data.
marketing research among the digital signage software vendors


  • Do i need to have the stable Internet connection in my screens?
  • Can I schedule my playlists in LOOK digital signage software?
  • Will I be able to get some kind of statistics inside of my personal account?
  • Can I give an access to my personal account for any other person?
  • Does your service support some kind of HTML5 interactive content?
  • Can I broadcast IPTV using the LOOK?
No, not necessarily!

You need to have the internet connection for our Android player only in case you want to make some changes on your screens (add new content or playlist, vary the screen settings and etc.). Herewith the internet speed influences only on the speed of update. All uploaded scenarios will playback on your screens even in a offline mode. The presence of a stable connection allows you to control the status of your signages.

No Doubt. You can make a playlist schedule for whole day.

You're able to set the start and end time of your playlists. Also you can set the lifetime and a duration of every item of the content in your playlists and browse your scheduling on the convenient TIME LINE.

Yes, there is a “Statistics” section.

You can view data, such as number of playbacks, total time and etc., on both the content and the screens. Furthermore you are able to export the excel with this kind of data to your PC.

Yes, LOOK digital signage supports multi-user access.

In order to add a user you need just to send him/her an email invitation from your account. After the registration this person will be able to view and moderate your playlists and settings.

Yes. Most of popular formats are supported by our digital signage software.

You can add the HTML5 content into your account and use it along with the images or videos in your playlists. So if you have the touch screens in your network you have the opportunity to improve an interactive experience of your customers or employees. Moreover, it is possible to use a combination of adv and interactive content using our “Content playback by the trigger” feature.

LOOK digital signage software supports video streams

In your personal account you can easily add a streaming video link, whether it is IPTV, internet radio, or your own video broadcast. In addition you can schedule time and duration of your broadcast.

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