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scroll digital signage solution

how it works

Manage your screens. Fast. Simple. At any time. From any place.

install look player on your screens

Our solution gives you an opportunity to use several types of the player, depending on your needs and the types of the screens you use:
  • Free Look App Player for Windows 7 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher
  • Up to 4K Plug and Play LOOK HDMI Players

Manage content and create you projects via web-based look content manager

You do not need to install any additional software on your computer. Just log in to your personal account through a user-friendly web-interface with any PC or tablet. Use a wide range of Content Manager functionality to create engaging playlists and design effective broadcasting schedules on individual screens or groups of screens.

send your completed project to selected screen or group of screens

Do it just in one click at any time and from any place using the internet connection. Be sure, that it will appear on your screens instantly, no matter how far away from you they are located.

safety movements and storage of your content is provided by managing cloud-based server

We believe, it is important when one of the world’s leaders in the sphere of cloud solutions is responsible for the safety of your information. In addition, its server capacity allows you to scale your project to any size and at any time.
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