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"Artificial Intelligence" Ltd. is a system integrator of a comprehensive solution for the creation and remote management of digital screens of various scales and purposes.

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You have definitely paid your attention to different types of digital screens, which we come across in public areas more and more often. Menu boards at fast food restaurants, advertising screens along the highways and on the facades of buildings, information screens in banks and healthcare institutions, interactive kiosks in shopping malls. There are many application options, but it’s the same technology which is used in all cases — digital signage. Let’s see, what it is.

Digital signage — is a highly efficient multifunctional tool of visual communications. As a rule, it consists of 2 main parts:
  • 01 Digital screen of any size and resolution with a special software installed on it or with a special receiver connected to it.
  • 02 Management system on your computer or tablet, which allows preparing and remote broadcasting any types of content (from simple images and video to interactive) on digital screens via internet connection.
Designed by our team LOOK Digital Signage solution also consists of 2 main parts: LOOK Player & LOOK Content Manager.

It allows you to quickly deploy the digital signage network of any scale, purpose and geographical distribution and makes its daily management simple and maximally effective.
about us

what we do

We have a passion for creating elegant and simple solutions for average people, and not just for professional system administrators. When we create our product, we always try to put ourselves in the place of the ordinary user. We try to understand which tools they would need in daily use, and which would be useful from time to time. And we just get rid of everything else . We do our best to make the navigation inside our software solution intuitive. And the use of our devices does not require special technical skills.
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